A seashore garden

Between stone pine trees and Provence's garrigue scrubland, a garden opening onto the sea.

With endless beaches a stone's throw away, the spot remains private nestling against a long hillock bounding the property.

"Clumps of palm trees, rockery flower beds, grey-leaved shrubs and innumerable plants in shades of yellow and orange; like a huge dune, the hillock protects the garden from sea spray and prying eyes.”

Like a secret path climbing the gentle slope, a wooden walkway leads to the small house on the edge of the estate.

A proliferation of species overruns the route; bamboo, palms, grasses and gauras lead to the pool surrounded by a terrace, a vast space criss-crossed with succulents.

A second pathway in the shape of a planted spiral crosses the property, its hedges against the solarium installed halfway.

A refined garden plot, the Andalusian Garden plays on symmetry, with bricked walkways, a small central pond surrounded by beds planted with citrus in a cluster of flea-bane.

Valued for their shade and fragrance, abundant arbours show off scented plants, with roses and vines aplenty. On the ground, as if deliberately designed, a flood of perennials unfolds into a pastel palette.

Kitchen garden and orchard rub shoulders, among the many varieties of fruit trees, some trained on trellises.

Facing the sea, the Blue Garden adjoins La Pampa and its myriad grasses.

Cool and shady, the Pine Wood invites the Purple Grove with flaming autumn foliage.

The Sea Path is planted with rockrose, mastic bushes, agaves and many other indigenous species. Here the spirit of the Mediterranean garden is on the breeze.