A Provencal plain garden

At the heart of the orchards, bounded by rows of cypress trees, the garden unfurls sheltered from the wind. A farmer's field has been transformed into a fascinating garden where both order and fantasy reign.

"A subtle interplay of perspectives enlivens this location"...

Already, along the line of the driveway, the straight lines of the boxwood maze emerge, set off against the bamboo plantation in the background.

The North Courtyard echoes them, featuring a fine, established loquat tree set in an undulating carpet of Lonicera nitida and purple grasses.

Opening out onto the South Gardens, two cypress trees set the scene, the supporting cast being a row of potted oleanders. Down the main axis are drawn blue squares, being four formal spaces, carved into the laurustinus and punctuated with potted olive trees.

Planted tightly at their feet, a crazy touch, a patchwork of lavender, blue asters and blue spires.

With an adjoining wooden deck, the house transparently opens onto two perspectives in the form of two arbours entwined with blue and white wisteria, leading the eye to the long pond surrounded by lawns.

A pathway through the cypress hedge leads to the Meditation Garden; a gazebo poised on stilts, a pond peppered with papyrus and water lilies, a minute Zen garden, a jacuzzi and... silence.

Laid out in plots, the kitchen garden is next to a small greenhouse made of glass and wood, where scented geraniums and citrus are sheltered in cold weather. In keeping with the spirit of the location, the orchard shows an impressive collection of fruit trees.

The Red Wood merges into The Fields, an area of olive and almond trees in diagonal rows.

In the centre, an enormous stone globe surrounded by daffodils celebrating spring with the almond blossom.

Here, the garden asserts itself as a smooth transition, the landscape design blending with the natural setting.