Garden of a villa in Saint Tropez

Close to the sea, a large garden combines two properties by the interplay of pathways and split levels. Forming its very soul, hundred-year-old stone pines conceal the Mediterranean.

Over-run by agapanthus and valerian, an avenue of blue and white flowers leads to the house at the top of a hill.

The Greek Garden takes its inspiration from the house's white walls, with earthenware jars, olive trees, bougainvillea in abundance and the ground covered with grey-leaved species.

Regular and well-ordered, the Myrtle Garden, a brick pond with the regular murmur of water, topped off with a row of potted myrtle ball trees against a background of Stachys lanata.

Stylish, private, the outdoor seating area has busy arbours of exuberant jasmine and honeysuckle.

Enhanced with a decorative pond, the aptly-named Great Terrace is edged by wrought-iron railings designed by Dominique Lafourcade.

"Pergolas buckling under the climbing roses, shaded gazebos, a kitchen garden mixed with flowers for cutting, an Italian-style garden with citrus beds, a Yellow Garden for all seasons... it all expresses abundance."

And the lush Lower Garden planted with lavender and rosemary surrounding the pool. A copse of eucalyptus and cypress brightened up with blue and white flowers forms the link between the two estates. Another overflowing pool looks out to sea in the distance.

It can be admired from the Belvedere, through the forest of stone pines and trimmed scrub that goes to the pathway to the sea.

A multi-faceted garden, designed as an undulating transition between the house and the Mediterranean.