Axes, perspectives, levels, lines, dense and empty areas, light and shade... such is the architecture of a garden designed just as a picture might be arranged. Overtones reminiscent of the great historic gardens of Italy.

Dominique Lafourcade still remembers her excitement when, on the hills of Florence, she discovered La Gamberaia, one of the expressions of the topiary art designed in the Renaissance with its city-scale perspective.

Still excited today by this Damascan moment, she is able, through her gardens, to create superb perspectives by making light of constraints; she builds atmosphere, dreams up surprises, regardless of the site's size, she tells its story.

"When designing, a dialogue with the surrounding landscape is essential. Then the skill of pruning in turn has to deal with the mineral component. Together, in a fundamental face-off, they determine the garden's structure"...

Topiary, terraces, fountains, pebble features, walls, ponds, oculi, arbours and trellises... the essential vocabulary of any southern garden, where the outdoors is seen an extension to the house.