June 2015

Secret Gardens paru aux Editions Abrams. La version anglaise du livre paru aux Editions La Martinière : Secrets de Paysagistes

The book centres on contemporary approaches to gardens across the globe and features thirteen private gardens which have rarely—or never— been seen in any publication. All have been, created by well-known landscape designers including Louis Benech, Fernando Caruncho, Pascal Cribier, Jinny Blom, Dominique Lafourcade and Vladimir Sitta. Whether in France, Spain, Belgium, Germany, the Carribean, the US, Australia or New Zealand, these gardens display an extraordinary horticultural and conceptual diversity. Each was born of teamwork: a landowner's desire to enhance an estate coupled with the extraordinary vision of a landscape artist.

Each designer reflects on the steps which brought the gardens to life. Through plans and sketches, they interpreted the expectations of their sponsors, managing both client-imposed constraints, topographical obstacles and unforeseen challenges along the way. The results of this creative achievement are exquisitely displayed though the lens of photographer Alain le Toquin.