Dominique Lafourcade

Born into a family of garden enthusiasts, she remembers the family home near Paris where she spent her childhood.

She remembers her grandfather, his magical garden combining the practical and the pleasurable: the rose trellis, spring blossom, the hothouse, red fruits, the vegetable garden, the henhouse... Planted with hundred-year-old trees, it was a fantastic, timeless place.

Then, at each stage in her life, came a new adventure in plants: a terrace to lay out, a new space to explore ...

After attending the Camondo School in Paris and rubbing shoulders with creative individuals, her passion is now perpetuated alongside her husband, Bruno Lafourcade, (selftaught architect), with extraordinary garden projects that are always in keeping with the site.

Nature and the Mediterranean maquis are the real source of her inspiration.

Smitten by the history of gardens, she uses topiary as a contemporary key while emphasising the exuberance of the flower beds. A devotee of perspective and layout, she contrasts them with incredible and abundant blooms.

In her projects, the five senses are constantly stimulated, and emotional responses given free rein.